The Relationship Between Homosexual Pedophilia And Homosexuality

This article, primarily written to address Governor Christie’s signing of New Jersey legislation that seeks to bar free speech to minors, has some other information about the association of homosexual abuse of children and their later tendencies to choose homosexuality. I was frankly a little disturbed by some of the quoted points.

Measles Outbreak In Non-vaccinated Children Affects 20+

Apparently there is a significant Measles outbreak in a local church body in Newark, Texas. This group of church members is opposed to vaccinations and their children were affected by one of their members who contracted Measles on a trip to Indonesia.

Of note that in my thirty years as a Pediatrician, I’ve never seen a confirmed case of Measles. Confirmation of measles requires formal serologic testing and cannot be adequately concluded based solely on a red rash, despite some of the specific characteristics that are present in the first 24 hours.

The disturbing link between high fructose corn syrup and honey

There is a newly posted article on the webblog site by Dr. Charles about high fructose corn syrup and honey. I think this should be very important for families to know, especially if they have children who are allergic to corn. It should also be important so that you know the honey you are buying for your family is real honey.

Here is the link:

Treatment of Minors

All patients below the age of 16 must be accompanied by a person of majority.  If the patient is accompanied by a person of majority who is not a legal guardian of the patient, then a legal guardian must inform this office verbally that the accompanying adult has the legal guardian’s permission to have the patient examined and treated. The legal guardian must supply the date of birth of a legal guardian to verify identity.

Patients who are between 16 and 18 years of age may be examined without the accompaniment of a person of majority contingent upon there being a signed copy of our “Permission to Have Minor Examined” form in the patient’s record.

All minor patients must be accompanied by a legal guardian or an approved person of majority to receive any treatment  or procedure performed in this clinic.

Why I Am Not A Member Of the AAP

Ever since leaving my Pediatrics residency with the University of Oklahoma in 1986, I have refused to join the American Academy of Pediatrics. Specifically my concerns lay with their lack of any stance against abortion. Since then the AAP has been unable to change my growing suspicion that they are not a medical entity, but a political one.

In an article by Cyrus Afzali on Newsmax today, I find the final broken straw which has sealed my opinion of the AAP. The link to the full article of the following excerpt is here.


Pediatricians Say Children Helped by Gay Parents’ Marriage

Thursday, March 21, 2013 12:52 PM

By: Cyrus Afzali

The American Academy of Pediatrics threw its support behind same-sex marriage Thursday, ending a four-year review of scientific literature on the issue.

Clearly this is a political organization with political motives that supersede all the medical interests of children. Dr. Bob Block, the current president of the AAP, was also my medical director in Tulsa when I was there. It was only a couple of years ago when I talked with him on the phone that I sensed in him some deep liberal social views. I don’t know what his stance on this is currently. If he ever reads this, I hope that he will note this one Pediatrician’s abhorrence of the use of medicine as a bully pulpit for such political correctness that our country now is enduring. You can probably contact him via the AAP web site to find out specifically what his views are also as I don’t know for sure.

Let me say categorically that I do not hate or discriminate against any gay individuals. I have cared for children who are in the apparent foster care of gay individuals. However using children to try raise their personal social choices from being socially tolerable to very highly respectable is despicable in my opinion. It cheapens anyone to step on children for political gain this way.

I will never have the letters FAAP behind my ‘Ron Smith, MD.’ Though I am a member of the Georgia AAP chapter for various strictly medical reasons, if I find that they support this victimization of children by the politicization of Pediatrics, then I will remove any and all links and relationships to them as well.

This July 1st will mark thirty years of Pediatric practice for me. What I find terribly difficult though, is not the technological or educational challenges of medicine, but the holes left by other Pediatrician who have since retired and left medicine altogether. I’m afraid that my grandchildren, and their peers, will also be victimized by these kind of political correctness machines too. So I’m staying in practice to continue to provide sound medical wisdom and a quality Pediatric experience for the children and parents that I am privileged to serve.

Office WIFI

As a courtesy to our patients we have long had free WIFI connection for parents and patients. This will allow you to bring your internet-capable devices to the office. Though we are generally very efficient at taking care of patients, sometimes waiting does happen.

Ask any of the office staff what the name of the WIFI connection is and they can tell you the password. We want your time here in the office to be as pleasant as possible.

Forever And A Day For Laura Michelle

ForeverAndADayCoverSmallOn April 24, 2012, my youngest daughter passed away. She had a congenital medical illness called fetal isotretinoin embryopathy caused by inadvertent intrauterine exposure to Accutane. Generally my family is a private thing to me, but something rather remarkable came out of Laura’s life, and her death. Stacy and I wish to share Laura’s story in hopes that it will encourage parents of my patients, friends, and family.

What good could come out of such tragedy? Read and see! The book is free, only some 35 pages, and available for Apple’s iPad and iBooks application.

It is available on iTunes at the link.

The Pediatric Guide for Parents

I’ve just finished The Pediatric Guide for Parents, ©2012, which is an ebook available on Apple’s iBookstore and which can be read on Apple’s iPad® with the latest iBook software. The book is 171 pages and sells for $14.99 and available for immediate download. Unlike paper books however, this is an ongoing work which I will continually add to. There are extensive discussions about the most common topics that parents have questioned me about over the last 3 decades. The sections on newborns, vaccinations, development, and growth are particular extensive.

The Pediatric Guide for Parents - Ron Smith, MD

Hope you enjoy!