In order to give the very best care to our patients it is important for parents as well as staff to have a satisfying experience in our clinic. I employ very high quality medical caregivers and office staff and they work diligently to train and improve themselves. They want nothing less than to give parents and children their best. An example of their attention to detail is the creation of the Nursing Nook to accommodate nursing mothers with a pleasant and private place to nurture their breastfeeding infants.

We welcome all who would enjoy the experience we’ve created.

We are very patient and understand that parents with sick children can be stressed, and we strive to be sympathetic and caring in each and every situation. However there are occasions, albeit rare, when parents just do not seem to fit with our practice. Though we hate it, there can be times when it is best for parents to locate other Pediatric providers for their children.

Some of the reasons for which we do this can include one or more of the following.

  • Irreconcilable personality conflict issues
  • Chronic verbalization of displeasure with our practice policies and/or conduct
  • Abusive language and/or behavior directed toward providers and/or staff
  • Use of profanity in the office (this is in fact a felony offense in a Pediatric office)
  • Blatant disregard for provider’s advised plan of care for a very sick child
  • Habitual failure to show up for scheduled appointments
  • Misuse of, or suspicion of misuse of, prescription drugs
  • Parental request of providers and/or staff to commit insurance fraud
  • Non-payment of account balances
  • Inappropriately revealing clothing or consistently poor hygiene


Ron Smith MD