Because of stricter guidelines for attendance at schools, parents are required to provide school notes for any days of school that will be considered “excused”. Most schools will allow parents to write notes for minor illnesses, but have a limited number of “non-excused” absences. For this reason, we are asked to supply school notes for various reasons. Therefore, we have put in place the following policies for school notes that we will write.

  1. Absence due to illnesses: We will provide an excuse for any patient who is seen in our office that is sick. If you child is running a fever the date of his office visit, he may not return to school until he is fever-free for 24 hours. If the student tests positive for illnesses such as strep or mono, we will adjust the days of excused absences accordingly. If you choose to keep your child at home additional days, then you may attach a parent’s letter to our office letter for the school office.
  2. If your child was seen in the ER or after-hours care, or by a specialist’s office, even if referred by our office, you must request a school note from that doctor or office. We cannot write school excuses for other providers.
  3. Some schools and daycares have begun asking parents to get “special request” letters from their doctor’s office. These letters include special diet requests, reduced activity requirements, special bathroom privileges, etc. These requests will be written for patients seen in the last 12 months and only if deemed medically necessary by the provider and documented in your child’s chart. For instance, if your child has a known food allergy, etc, that requires a special diet plan, that allergy must be noted in your child’s medical chart in our office in order for us to write a school note.
  4. If your child participates in sports at school, sports physicals can be done in conjunction with your child’s annual physical (well check). The sports participation forms required by schools can be provided at the end of the physical. These are good for only one calendar year. We can fax the forms, but please be aware that the forms have a page that must be completed by the parent.

Thank you for your understanding and help with this matter.